Slick and heavy duty machine for Aluminum

Get a highly precise and perfect size hole in the aluminum profile at comparatively lower rates by using our pneumatic punching machine, a heavy-duty machine certified by government bodies for perfect dimensions and superior functionality. We are a Vadodara-based pneumatic punching machine manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, providing cutting-edge punching solutions to the industries dealing with aluminum profiles. The offered punching machine accomplishes the punching through the high-pressure gas generated by the compressor to bring the compressed gas to the solenoid valve and controls the punching operation of the solenoid valve through the equipped footswitch. A simple yet precise design of our pneumatic punching machine makes the punching operation cheaper and easier for the industries.

The offered machine can be operated using a single die as well as a twin dies, wherein the shape of the hole can be used as per the requirement and can obtain 1 to 3 mm punching thickness in a one-shot. You can obtain the desired holes in any aluminum series, including 22mm, 29mm, 35mm, and 40mm. The standard molds are available, whereas customized molds are also available upon request. The body of the machine is made from the top grade MS material to impart robustness, while it is coated with the color to make it corrosion resilient and increase functioning life. The superior functionality and low cost are the major attraction that has made our pneumatic punching machine prevailing in the local as well as global market. This pneumatic punching machine for aluminum profile is available in a standard size, while a customized one as per your window system is also available upon request.

Salient Features Of Our Pneumatic Punching Machine:

  • The machine is capable of twin die mounting with one at a time operation
  • Any customization with die is possible
  • Offers special plate mounting arrangement
  • Very heavy duty MS structure ensures lifelong performance
  • Can achieve 1 to 3 mm punching thickness in any aluminum profile
  • The simple design and precise construction ensure seamless running
  • The compact design entitles easy moving on-site and factory operations
  • Designed to fix 4 to 5 dies to punch
  • Regular molding, as well as customized molding, is possible
  • We provide 1 year warranty on all the pneumatic parts in the machine
  • We provide customized pneumatic punching machine (SPM) as per your specification and budget requirements

Punching is possible in all aluminum series.

22mm | 29mm | 35mm | 40mm etc.

Customization is also available for your own system window.

Pneumatic Punching Machine

Punch For Corner CLIT Fitting

Pneumatic Punching Machine
Aluminium Pneumatic Punching Machine
Aluminum Pneumatic Punching Machine

We reserve the rights to change the color and design of machines time by time. If customer want to change in machine specification we can provide it in extra cost.